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Crush your hunger with healthy brown rice beverage

Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast (as opposed to the kind containing doughnuts) can help give you:

When you are rushing for work in the morning, gulping down a mug of NutriBrownRice will warm your tummy before you have more time to enjoy your full breakfast.

Many skipped meals or skipped snacks in between meal to keep the figures slim, sometimes gastric may strike. Taking a mug of NutriBrownRice which filled with 
good carbohydrate helps your body to convert into energy to have better focus in work, cut down on snacking biscuits, crackers, bread and unhealthy food that have no or negative effect to your health.

Brown rice is famous for its health benefits to human body. However cooking and eating brown rice may not be as convenient and easy to prepare for busy working adult. NutriBrownRice is created to help people to 
consume brown rice easily and conveniently in the modern era. A cup of NutriBrownRice provides you with up to 42% of your daily wholegrain requirement.


NutriBrownRice is not produced using the traditional method that may damage natural vitamins and minerals of brown rice. It is created using high technology coupled with thorough research in years to retain its natural vitamins, minerals and grinded into smooth fine powder for a smooth finished when mixed with hot water. Our consumers have quoted it is the yummiest brown rice beverage they have tried so far!

NutriBrownRice is so easy and fast to prepare, just add hot water and stir!

Get healthy today by visiting www.qoohealth.com to have your NutriBrownRice to be delivered to your doorstep!

NutriBrownRice is manufactured under the stringent manufacturing practises and certification under ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, Halal, MESTI and endorsed as healthier choice by Singapore Health Promotion Board.

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NutriBrownRice is also available in:-

     (Note: You may find NutriBrownRice next to Quaker Oats in NTUC FairPrice Finest's shelf)