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How to consume fewer calories without feeling like on a strict diet

How to consume fewer calories without feeling like on a strict diet?Here is how:1. Use smaller plate to make the food portion looks bigger2. Drink 2 glasses of water before meal3. Eat lots of fibres!4. Cut down on fatty food Curb your appetite with yummy and smooth Nutribrownrice healthy beverage. Fill your tummy with natural vitamins, minerals and fibres! Buy NutriBrownRice Now!

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Slimming down after pregnancy

If you are worried about slimming down after pregnancy, let’s see why post-pregnancy moms choose NutriBrownRice™ as their nutritious beverage 1. Unique, Quality AssuranceNutriBrownRice™ is made through high technology that retain its natural nutrients and vitamins, yet achieved the unique smooth texture. 2. Packed with natural vitamins and minerals vital for pregnancy Brown rice which is good source of many minerals and vitamins like vitamin B6 and magnesium, few researchers have found that a pregnant lady and breast-feeding mothers should be ingested with at least 350-400 milli grams of magnesium in a day for a baby healthy growth.  3. Digestion HealthMake brown rice as your staple food instead of choosing it as just a snack. Make it a part of your regular diet to shed off fats...

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