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What can a cancer patient drink?


If you didn’t know it before, you need to know it now; Brown rice is better for your health than white rice. A lot of people prefer eating the white rice -because of its appearance- to the brown one; while white rice may look and taste sweeter than brown rice, it doesn't provide the amount of health benefits you can get from brown rice. Before white rice became refined, it was just like brown rice, intact with its hull and bran. But the refining process takes out its hull and bran, stripping it of its natural wholeness. This is something that makes the brown rice better. The brown rice retains its own hulls and brans, which makes all of the nutrients it provides, natural. Brown rice is rich in natural proteins, calcium, thiamine, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. For anyone who is trying to lose weight, or someone suffering from diabetes or cancer, brown rice is a very healthy staple as it is also equipped with low glycemic rating which helps with the reduction of insulin spikes. Although white rice is fortified with synthetic vitamins in order for it to pass as a nutritious food, it still doesn't reach the FDA's minimum nutritional requirement specification for one serving of food unlike brown rice.


Brown Rice Vitamin and Minerals for cancer patients

A bowl of brown rice served up to 80% of daily manganese that our body need. Manganese is important in producing hormone to digest and convert carbohydrate into energy for our body. Cancer patients need a lot of energy to combat / fight cancer towards road of recovery. Without essential nutrients like manganese, cancer patients will be feeling weak and lost of energy especially when radio or chemo therapy are needed.

Antioxidants are also found in brown rice. Many thought antioxidants are available in fruits and vegetables, however unpolished brown rice contains antioxidants that able to repair damage cells, it is anti-inflammatory and helps in prevent cancer cells from spreading. 

A cup of brown rice provides up to 35% of selenium of human body required daily. Selenium is a trace mineral that play a vital role to produce antioxidants enzymes that eliminate outworn or abnormal cells and prevent cancer. 

The fiber in unpolished brown rice not only keeping good digestive system for our body, prevent constipation especially in cancer patients after chemotherapy treatments, the fiber in brown rice also plays a vital role in preventing breast cancer. Studies have shown that high estrogen level in human body leads to many types of cancer including breast, mouth, throat, colorectal and esophagus cancers. Our livers filter out excess estrogen into digestive tract, and fiber escorts them away.

Brown rice contains high amount of vitamin B1 (thiamine) required by the body. Having enough thiamine in the body is essential to pass messages between our nerves and the muscles, our heart is the main muscles to relate on these crucial signals. In order to maintain proper cardiac function and healthy heart beat rhythms, the nerves and muscles must be able to have enough energy to keep signalling to each other. Studies have shown that thiamine can be useful in fighting heart disease because it helps to treat heart failure. That is the main reason many heart surgeons are recommending NutriBrownRice™ as heart disease patients' beverage. Vitamin B1/thiamine is also an antioxidant that required by the body to prevent cancer, wash out oxidized stress from cancer patients.

Brown rice contains phytonutrients which is a phytochemical found in plants that brings significant health benefits that is very helpful for cancer patients as below:-

  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Block substances we eat, drink and breathe from becoming carcinogens
  • Reduce the kind of inflammation that makes cancer growth more likely
  • Prevent DNA damage and help with DNA repair
  • Reduce the kind of oxidative damage to cells that can spark cancer
  • Slow the growth rate of cancer cells

All the trace minerals and vitamins including vitamin b1, b3, b5, vitamin E in brown rice are needed at the same time to provide the overall health and well being benefits to human body to fight or prevent cancers. 



With prominent benefits of brown rice in preventing or fighting cancers, that is why we have come up to develop a drink known as NutriBrownRice™. Invented by Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, NutriBrownRice™ is made from natural brown rice powder that its vitamins and minerals is closest to the natural unpolished brown rice. This is because a high technology processing method is utilized to retain the natural vitamins and minerals of brown rice. On top of that, NutriBrownRice is made of the freshest brown rice we source from rich paddy field found in tropical northern Malaysia. NutriBrownRice™ has the closest vitamins and minerals of what natural unpolished brown rice has to offer.


Therefore, NutriBrownRice™ is the perfect drink for cancer patients, people suffering from heart diseases, diabetics, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It is a drink that can be taken anywhere, anytime. It is very beneficial to diabetic patients due to the fact that it is lower in glycemic index in order to prevent insulin spikes. A lot of people are always complaining that they can't take whole grain meals like brown rice and oats. Well, this smooth and yummy brown rice instant beverage that comes packed with minerals and natural vitamins is a drink that will go well with your breakfast, teatime or dinner, and to make it better, it is 100% whole grain. Just taking a cup of NutriBrown Rice will provide you with 42% of the whole grain you need in a day. Taking whole grains can help to improve high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive problems, high blood sugar levels and weight reduction. Consuming the NutriBrown Rice will make you feel full longer. Tested, trusted and well recommended by nutritionists, heart surgeons, and doctors, the NutriBrownRice™ is a drink that provides the body with the right nutrients to remain full and nutritious, while conserving the energy to battle cancer. NutriBrownRice™ is served in Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) to every patient. It also has the "higher in whole grains" logo by Singapore's Health Promotion Board.


NutriBrownRice healthy brown rice drinks for cancer patients

NutriBrown Rice comes in different variants in order to satisfy your different tastes and health conditions. The No Sugar Added variant has got no sugar but is endowed with inulin; this variant is good for cancer patients as added sugar is known to be the favorite food of cancer cell; while the oats with soy lecithin is good for patients with heart disease, diabetics, high blood pressure and high cholesterol patient. This wonderful drink is going to improve your health in a very great way. If you are a cancer patient, a diabetic, someone with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or you would like to slim down, taking NutriBrown Rice is going to help your condition and help improve your overall health.

NutriBrownRice™ is also ideal for healthy people to continue to maintain health, increase whole grain intake and prevent cancer.